Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Chad Damewood
Chad Damewood - Acum 11 ore
Racism and xenophobia are universal human traits and not just confined to those of European descent. DeSean Jackson is a despicable person.
king lazy
king lazy - Acum 11 ore
Moral of the story is everyone can fail except Lebron we give him so much hate because we know how great he his. Greatest all around player of all time.
Lion Blood
Lion Blood - Acum 11 ore
Psalms 83:3 They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones. 4 They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. 5 For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee: 6 The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes; 7 Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre; 8 Assur also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot. Selah.
Chris Mosley
Chris Mosley - Acum 11 ore
First of all they are not true Jews. They say anti- Semitic but that’s incorrect. His name was SHEM. Go read the Torah.
ANdy Kim
ANdy Kim - Acum 11 ore
hes more brother than you. he from FLINT
matt murdock
matt murdock - Acum 11 ore
Someone’s about to put him to sleep permanently. Let him keep throwing that er around the wrong person or persons and see what happens.
young brandz
young brandz - Acum 11 ore
'Muurica: "Take a Knee, take a hike" - credited by Hank Williams Jr. 🤠 🇺🇸
Black Fase700
Black Fase700 - Acum 11 ore
Chicken fried crow lmao
Joe Homeless
Joe Homeless - Acum 11 ore
Bla bla bla
Mikel Keith
Mikel Keith - Acum 11 ore
Baker Mayfield deserve to be the number one overall pick over Lamar Jackson you one foolish man, Baker Mayfield is the problem of systemic racism ,and that's the only reason why that Lamar Jackson didn't go number 1 overall, because if Lamar Jackson was white he would have went number one without no issue.
Ethan .Williams
Ethan .Williams - Acum 11 ore
Why don’t we put on our grown up pants and focus on stuff that matters, instead of whining about stuff people say.
craigx fleming
craigx fleming - Acum 11 ore
You always make it short term for the most money you owe it to the ones behind you to push pay forward it is a team deal
Slime Shaundo
Slime Shaundo - Acum 11 ore
20:40 Skip "C'mon Bruh" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ness - Acum 11 ore
What?? look on my list Lebron is 6 but Shannon argument on this one is lackluster
mike f
mike f - Acum 11 ore
Where was this defense for Drew Brees. Brees was tone deaf, Jackson actively supported anti semantic rhetoric
Bobby Edwards
Bobby Edwards - Acum 11 ore
Yeah oh yeah oh absolutely ( Shannon Sharpe voice) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Perfecto Valdez Jr
Perfecto Valdez Jr - Acum 11 ore
Unc is cooking drip bayless 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏
Doron Bond
Doron Bond - Acum 11 ore
Y’all really gon put Patrick and Cam’s salary in the same sentence??? Bruh!! SMH
Mr. Nyce Guy
Mr. Nyce Guy - Acum 11 ore
The "garden tool" 😂🤣😂
Clay Slade
Clay Slade - Acum 11 ore
That is exactly what I am saying. LeBron accomplish a lot, even with the Jordan people keeping him at bay for accumulating hardware to surpass him. Also look at the players and you know what I see except for Wilt? All of them had great coaching most of their careers in college and Pros. Who were LeBron's coaches? That is why he is "THE KWISATZ HADERACH"!
Matthew Spera ESP
Matthew Spera ESP - Acum 11 ore
Having no coach is “cool” now Shannon? Cmon bro
Deacon Blues
Deacon Blues - Acum 11 ore
Don’t ever try to mute 🤐 Shannon, you will still hear him. LOL 😝
Jacques Cardinal
Jacques Cardinal - Acum 11 ore
Im blaming china and russia on this one
Jonathan Velder
Jonathan Velder - Acum 11 ore
Dana White will not step in, he doesn't care if who they are or what they did, the only people that steps in or athletic Commission. And nobody can tell Dana White what to do just ask him
Damien Lewis
Damien Lewis - Acum 11 ore
Y black people no one is black in color change that
Melody Lover
Melody Lover - Acum 11 ore
Opinions are never facts Joe,
Gemma Cooper
Gemma Cooper - Acum 11 ore
Shannon, hit me up after dinner ... (765)-654-8886
Jacques Cardinal
Jacques Cardinal - Acum 11 ore
ugly! just ugly words
Ziv_Zulander - Acum 11 ore
Damn, look at how many lakers are on skip "the spurs fans" top10 list of all time. I LIKE THAT
explicitDTP - Acum 11 ore
LeBron never played with a pippen all throughout his prime, or the most winningest coach in nba history. LeBron had an aging D wade, a blodclot chris bosh, zydrunas iglauskas, Mike brown, Old Ray, and hennesy Jr Smith, and still has done what he has done, and beat the most winningest team in regular nba history. Where kyrie and that kev at?
Jon Ratliff
Jon Ratliff - Acum 11 ore
You can’t defend Louis Farrakhan and also try to be the moral authority of the nfl... you could call it a mistake and move on but not any more, if Brees has to apologize 3 and 4 times then Jackson and Sharpe have apologies to go
EightFrancs - Acum 11 ore
Salute Brother Farrakhan.
Five8 Gotti
Five8 Gotti - Acum 11 ore
Lebron is the second best player to do it tf he talkin bout
Dylan Weston
Dylan Weston - Acum 11 ore
Riley Cooper did that in Pittsburgh I remember that
Jovan - Acum 11 ore
kenny smith is an old head who wont let the past go, How that idiot not have Kobe on his top 10 and have lebron at 10 lol
Damn Undisputed been going hard lately sheesh 🙄
KBR641 - Acum 11 ore
This is what were taking about ER and the hard A , bro just knocked the dude out cold and they taking about a white dude calling other white dudes the N word. This was an opportunity to show why that word should not be used as a word of endearment amongst the black community, and their talking about what the ufc should do in punishing a mentally unstable, dude.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - Acum 11 ore
Just yesterday Shannon was quick to talk about the intent of desean Jackson. No bad intention with his antisemitist post. Mike Perry’s intention in using that word was not to be racist. Keep the same energy Shannon
Travis Blair
Travis Blair - Acum 11 ore
3:15 Shannon YOU'RE WRONG! That is the bigger fight!
bilboswaggins76 - Acum 11 ore
This is so stupid debating the percentage of someones blood to see what kind of words they can say?? how about don't say a word you don't want other people to say.
Gcool243 - Acum 11 ore
No Hakeem??? No Kobe? And Lebron at 10? That’s just silly
88smjls - Acum 11 ore
Shannon Sharpe is a globalist and a pawn of the democrat party aka the marxist party. Stephen Jackson an admitted gang member who says he will pull his gun on anyone. Not a good guy at all.
SolteroConDinero - Acum 11 ore
2nd place only counts in horse shoes. I have LBJ higher than 10, but I don't see a big deal about the 10th ranking. Skip's list isn't bad, but I have Kareem ahead of Shaq. LBJ is in a special class because of his longevity but looking at players in the prime is the way it should be viewed. Hard to judge different errors because of rule changes. I agree with Kenny Smith that scoring is much easier now than when there was hand checking and dudes got body slammed going for a layup.
Maurice Scott
Maurice Scott - Acum 11 ore
Thats the problem we have been so brain wash to be nice to to the same people who killed our grandmother's and grandfather's its ok love another race but we got to learn to love each other first by what you was saying he was wrong how can another man be wrong if that's how he feels. Im going going tell whats wrong when you have to ask skip and he is agreeing you with every comment my brother they both cant be wrong maybe you are wrong and you just need to know that the man can stop and you do all the right things and still die for no reason so instead of saying what you saying we all grew trying to have peace so why is it that a another race can speak and say how they feel its no problem but when two black men have they own opinion then we are wrong no Shannon you are wrong for judging them
E Angeles
E Angeles - Acum 11 ore
Kevin Kualapai
Kevin Kualapai - Acum 11 ore
White sensitivity??? Sounds Like Blm is sensitive... Not about the Black Lives they Killed in Minnesota, Atlanta and everywhere else the not so peaceful Protestors/Rioters were!!!
Anthony Stowers
Anthony Stowers - Acum 11 ore
The new chick is sexy😁😍
d.o.cb - Acum 11 ore
Peolpe missing the fact that mike has always been using the word. Lots of black ufc fighters don’t mind it and it’s an ongoing meme because he acts black just look at his page or anything mike’s crazy. If some of the baddest men in the world don’t say anything to mike what would some regular folks do it him. Not many people are going to just punk mike regardless of how y’all feel about him personally 🤷‍♂️
Ninjachickenfingers - Acum 11 ore
I think Hitlers family members did change their name didn’t they?
Nathaniel Bluiett
Nathaniel Bluiett - Acum 11 ore
The worst thing happen to Lebron was Golden State with Kevin Durant. He might have won three straight.
Jason Kafka
Jason Kafka - Acum 11 ore
All he wanted for people to not put hands on him he didn't mean it in a disrespectful way
Sly11B Enal
Sly11B Enal - Acum 11 ore
Stats don't lie-lebron is great player no doubt he's fun to watch. But defenetly not the GoaT and I rank him 3rd best behind Kobe and of course the reigning defending goat Michael Jordan! LeBron has great personal stats but cannot perform when it's on the line. N so he has losses in biggest games of the seasonS, therefore logic says he CANNOT BE THE goat. By mathematical laws of the universe -his own stats he produced over the yrs say he is not the GoaT! 🤔✔💯🍻
ErroneousE - Acum 11 ore
I’m tired of hearing of lebron and finals jerry west went to 9 finals yet we don’t see the media flashes his name as the GOAT status
the big mick
the big mick - Acum 11 ore
lol nice attempt at trying to bury the djax story. this mike perry situation isn't even that big of a deal.
Hector Vinos
Hector Vinos - Acum 11 ore
Yea but them guys have is more rings haha
Jonathan Velder
Jonathan Velder - Acum 11 ore
Mike Perry uses the n-word all the time I can't believe nobody is busted him in the mouth for it
jacqueline walsh
jacqueline walsh - Acum 11 ore
Kenny Smiths dead wrong Lebron number 2 after Jordan
Lzrdkng07 - Acum 11 ore
Skip “the chosen one became the frozen one” Bayless
Marcelo Soprano
Marcelo Soprano - Acum 11 ore
They got lucky the refs helped them comeback from those behind the score penalties which the 49ers barely got. That’s all I remember from the super bowl. That’s why Vegas puts 1.5
The realist
The realist - Acum 11 ore
I was born in the 80s I didn't start looking at basketball until 88 in different era's ppl always say this person better and that person better everyone have they own rights in Jordan era he was the best Kobe tim lebron that was my favorite player's but in this era lebron the best ppl can hate but that's my guy in this era here but damn Kenny to leave Kobe out like that 🤦🏾‍♂️ u must be smoking 2k 😂💯✊🏾✊🏻
TMM 19145
TMM 19145 - Acum 11 ore
Lebron's jumped from superteam to superteam in the weak east so it was easy for him to go to 8 straight finals
Eric Robertson
Eric Robertson - Acum 11 ore
Skip loses all credibility not having Wilt in the top 10!! Rumor has it that Wilt insulted Skip and he has held that grudge for years. Skip should exclude himself and yield to Stan Van Gundy as he says no Mount Rushmore without Wilt
ZAYWOP - Acum 11 ore
this is the worst list i’ve ever seen 😭
Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson - Acum 11 ore
This guy got along way to go to pass Brady. Super bowls and stats.
Al Capwned
Al Capwned - Acum 11 ore
Stephen Jackson knows what he said. He knows what he meant. The dude defends an anti-semitic comment and then goes on to praise Louis Farrakhan, a well known anti-Semite... Yeah, enough said. Stephen Jackson is just mad that he revealed his true colors...
Edward Rivers
Edward Rivers - Acum 11 ore
I don't understand skip do he like qbr or not
Mark Benford Benford
Mark Benford Benford - Acum 11 ore
Somebody is salty stop crying 😢 😂😂
Chiller Miller
Chiller Miller - Acum 11 ore
Mike Perry is innocent
Forbid - Acum 11 ore
We taking Kenny smiths analysis card away starting July 30
nathan sanders
nathan sanders - Acum 11 ore
Hid did not use the er lmao this show is a joke
Setsuna - Acum 11 ore
This is what happens when you have..... *"BLACK FRIENDS"*
Smitty Smiff
Smitty Smiff - Acum 11 ore
Alcohol is the truth serum!!
Juju - Acum 11 ore
Montana went 4-0 in the Super Bowl and he never had to cheat
King Negus
King Negus - Acum 11 ore
No1 ever wants to discuss the Black “Holocaust”
Egon Schiele
Egon Schiele - Acum 11 ore
I'm not the biggest Lebron fan, but come on. 10th??? Top 5 no brainer. Top 3 pretty damn hard to argue against. I have him 2nd.
Kevin Kualapai
Kevin Kualapai - Acum 11 ore
Shannon and Skip are Racist... Brees has an Opinion and because it didn’t fit the BLM narrative, They went against him... see he said it “ we wanted you to be one of Us” Rascist Shannon and Skip!
Sun Mod
Sun Mod - Acum 11 ore
King Negus
King Negus - Acum 11 ore
Shannon pulled out the cold on card today
RdyPlyOne - Acum 11 ore
@3:02 REAL TALK!
Cappuchino Fonzarelli
Cappuchino Fonzarelli - Acum 11 ore
Give these 2 gentlemen's their roses while they're still here ❤️ this show
Max - Acum 11 ore
Yeah, I think it’s time we put a hiatus on black people bitching about things until we have a conversation about how they all apparently love Louis Farrakhan.
Raul Solis
Raul Solis - Acum 11 ore
But Jordan never beat Bird in the Playoffs, so how is he higher than Bird
JCard_FPV - Acum 11 ore
Man these guys are idiots. Get your facts straight if your going to talk about the situation.
Ewolf5150 - Acum 11 ore
Liberal nfl, Liberal network, liberal hosts and guest is black. He will get a pass.
ted bundy
ted bundy - Acum 11 ore
I can't agree with skip on that one nobody no race in the face of the earth suffered more than the black race it's no way around it that's just blasphemy to say n the black race still going thru it I dnt give a damn what the German went thru they ain't go thru it like black folks n skip no damn well the Germans didn't
bix hutch
bix hutch - Acum 11 ore
What is the percent you can be to say the N word? Kaepernick im guessing is around 20 to 40 percent black. Can he say it?
PJ Suba
PJ Suba - Acum 11 ore
Easiest road? I thought if LeBron moved to the west, it wouldn't be a cake walk anymore. The hypocrisy is utterly outlandish and I don't even want the Lakers to win because I hate the damn team (not this current team per se but the organization as a whole since time immemorial - just a personal bias).
Darell Davie
Darell Davie - Acum 11 ore
No We are not Surprised. Its His List Just Shut Up
Ronald Cottrell
Ronald Cottrell - Acum 11 ore
Higher that piece of s***, and I'll make sure that that $1 goes to the NFL or any other sports venue for that matter
Max - Acum 11 ore
Yeah, I think it’s time we put a hiatus on black people bitching about things until we have a conversation about how they all apparently love Louis Farrakhan.
Southern Yankee
Southern Yankee - Acum 11 ore
We the black community don't get enough support from the Latino community for Latinos to feel they have the cool card... Do your diligence and then argue.. I won't go into it until someone says otherwise
Freedom Action Network of South Carolina
Freedom Action Network of South Carolina - Acum 11 ore
This man wants to talk about the breaks Mahomes got, doesn’t want to mention the Carolina K John Kasay kicked the ball out of bounds on the kick-off to set up Brady’s drive against the Panthers. Delhommes would’ve beat Brady if not for Kasay. Don’t forget
Austin Tucker
Austin Tucker - Acum 11 ore
Can you please do a video exposing sports news outlets (& Disney) clear and outrageous biased agenda!!
Rob MM
Rob MM - Acum 11 ore
COMPLICATED! Jewish/ black community relationship is VERY complicated. Desean and Stephen Jackson controversy comment is IRRELEVANT in the anti black racism movement/ black community . If white people and black elite in the media want to make it an issue, I guess the protest was a MOMENT not a movement. Shannon , Don Lemon Stephen A and others black people in the media should know better.
Nick Miller
Nick Miller - Acum 11 ore
If you can make it in Flint you can make it in any city. St.louis Detroit the bad parts of Chicago COMPTON. He'll get his though
keshawn anderson
keshawn anderson - Acum 11 ore
1. Wilt 2. Russell 3. Kareem 4. Mj 5. Lbj 6. Magic 7. Bird 8. Duncan 9. Shaq 10. Kobe 11. Dr j 12. Big O 13.hakeem 14. Zeke
Artistry 77
Artistry 77 - Acum 11 ore
Freedom of speech no matter how ignorant the phrase is a Citizens Right. If his employer chooses to hold him accountable than so be it. The law have no play in this matter. I strongly disagree with his speech but firmly believe in the Freedom Of Speech .
nathan sanders
nathan sanders - Acum 11 ore
Love mike perry