Alan Walker - I Don't Wanna Go (Official Lyric Video)

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While I'm busy in the studio making sure the new music is ready for you guys, I wanted to make sure I still have some videos to share in the meantime. Since a lot of you say that you're resonating with the lyrics from Different World, I'll be posting some lyric videos from that album (that's almost 2 YEARS!! old). Here's I Don't Wanna Go featuring @Julie Bergan. Let me know what lyric video you want next in the comments below!
- Alan
Here's the Different World music video trilogy so you can follow from the beginning:
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/ LYRICS // Alan Walker feat. Julie Bergan - I Don't Wanna Go // LYRICS //
So here we are
Like we were
To feed apart
In different worlds
No need to say
Another word
No, I should leave
But I don't wanna go just yet
'Cause I'm not really over it
You remind my heart
Of a lie I wish you never told
But it's all I've got
Just five more minutes and I'm gone
Same old song like an echo, ooh
'Cause I know I'm better off alone
It is my pride and I really know I shouldn't stay but I don't wanna go
Now that I know the way it ends
The words we chose, irrelevant
Let's just pretend a little bit
I know I should leave but
I don't wanna go just yet
'Cause I'm not really over it
You remind my heart (you remind my heart)
Of a lie I wish you never told
But it's all I've got (all I've got)
Just five more minutes and I'll go
(Five more minutes and I'll go)
Same old song like an echo, ooh
'Cause I know I'm better off alone (better off alone)
It is my pride and I really know I shouldn't stay but I don't wanna go
(Ooh, ooh)
Just five more minutes and I'll go
(Five more minutes and I'll go)
(Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Shouldn't stay but I don't wanna go
Same old song like an echo (ooh, ooh, ooh)
(I'm better off alone)
It is my pride and I really know I shouldn't stay but I don't wanna go
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Andrew F F
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I don't wanna go from this channel to another's videos 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️❤️❤️
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Hey U All Are Watching This Video Play Faded Song Now!!!
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heart u Alan
BTS Gaming
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Vietnamese Empire
Vietnamese Empire - Acum 19 ore
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Vietnamese Empire
Vietnamese Empire - Acum 19 ore
but i don't want you go
extinct fire
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Elyana Vences
Elyana Vences - Acum o Zi
I hope I can meet him
Elyana Vences
Elyana Vences - Acum o Zi
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2021 best song
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Peter Chaplin
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TF Appel Music
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rameshwar gosavi
rameshwar gosavi - Acum o Zi
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I love song by alan walker more than studies and games. It's like my life. I can't say how much I like your songs. Love you sir😍It's a salute to you. Imaging getting a heart from you sir. You are my motivation. I want to become a singer by listening to your songs. You are a living inspiration for me. Sir you are legend.
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