Nelly Furtado - Say It Right (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Nelly Furtado performing Say It Right. (C) 2006 Geffen Records
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root cmd
root cmd - Acum 11 minute
Vygantas Ingiliardas
Vygantas Ingiliardas - Acum oră
Geras video klipas.
Lip Jmr
Lip Jmr - Acum oră
I love her so much
SourSop Lyricx
SourSop Lyricx - Acum oră
Силвия Стойнова
2021 I listen and crying how good was these days
Miloud Boufatah
Miloud Boufatah - Acum oră
From Algeria 2021
Murat Arkan
Murat Arkan - Acum 2 ore
2021 silent listeners here? Ohh good.
Rishabh Police
Rishabh Police - Acum 3 ore
morti271 - Acum 3 ore
Timbaland: "Eh!"
maya - Acum 3 ore
2021 anyone??
Jordan Kelemen
Jordan Kelemen - Acum 5 ore
So beautiful.
هيثم عبدالله
Leesha Bieber22
Leesha Bieber22 - Acum 6 ore
Is it just me, or does she look like Monica?
Breanna Self
Breanna Self - Acum 6 ore
2021, I miss these times
Akeem Francis-Charles
Akeem Francis-Charles - Acum 7 ore
2021 we in here!!!
Randy H.
Randy H. - Acum 7 ore
Hey..,I found this song today for the first time,I’ve heard before never listen to till today it’s 7:36pm pacific time,I’ve listen to this song about 21 times 🤔😳...Nelly is Beautiful,WOW....!!!!
no way
no way - Acum 7 ore
That Paul Kirkland? I think that's his name. The lead dancer. Really makes this video!! Need to see more of him. He is so sharp and on point!! I used to dance and do gymnastics. I wonder if he can flip. Can he can surely jump!!
trappedreality - Acum 8 ore
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia - Acum 8 ore
Who else thought she was gorgeous AF wit those bangs!?!?! 💯👌🏾
tiago santos
tiago santos - Acum 8 ore
Flor Esthela
Flor Esthela - Acum 9 ore
Драгомир Златоверхий
Раньше музыка была живее.
Nena Nation
Nena Nation - Acum 9 ore
2021 Still Bang And Can’t Nobody Understand What She Saying On Those Verses 🤘🏾🥰❤️
John Frank anthony
John Frank anthony - Acum 10 ore
2021 Still Bumping this!!!!
Lo Tra
Lo Tra - Acum 11 ore
Humayra Faizah
Humayra Faizah - Acum 11 ore
Is it me or she looks like young Courtney Cox?
Manica White
Manica White - Acum 12 ore
ERIC TINDYEX - Acum 13 ore
When I listen to such music it makes me feel like we no longer have good music these days period
Sekkar abdessalam
Sekkar abdessalam - Acum 13 ore
11 years like yesterday miss those days 🥺
Fernando ferreira Da silva
Brian Giovani Alves
Brian Giovani Alves - Acum 14 ore
Nostalgia braba.... 2006 💕😘
крать по сплю не спи
I've been here in 2021 ... 😉
Егор Багаев
Егор Багаев - Acum 15 ore
In my mind
Arman - Acum 15 ore
Супер песня!!!!! До сих пор слушаю и кайфую!!!!!!! 👍👍💪💪
Savio Brenner
Savio Brenner - Acum 16 ore
i miss those days so much
Rizvan Ìbadullayev
Rizvan Ìbadullayev - Acum 16 ore
Сергей Уткин
Сергей Уткин - Acum 16 ore
Mariola Nowak
Mariola Nowak - Acum 18 ore
Azouzzi Mustapha
Azouzzi Mustapha - Acum 19 ore
Nostalgia 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sobre Política
Sobre Política - Acum 21 oră
Masterpiece of pop
Billie_ r
Billie_ r - Acum 21 oră
Diablo Torrence
Diablo Torrence - Acum 22 ore
Watching now ❤
Anna Melikhova
Anna Melikhova - Acum 22 ore
Applepie - Acum 22 ore
shhhh she`s telling lies ´bout me!!!! ;(
The Lucky One
The Lucky One - Acum 22 ore
This song gives me undescribable nostalgic feels. I luv it!!!
Ademar Filho
Ademar Filho - Acum 23 ore
First ASMR video in my life
Da Huy
Da Huy - Acum o Zi
Winter Zhi
Winter Zhi - Acum o Zi
Whats his name , that guy ?
J d
J d - Acum o Zi
I'd forgotten how gorgeous Nelly is. She would have been great in the Fast in Furious movies.
Joe Y
Joe Y - Acum o Zi
ooh. it's yennefer.
Bacha Siham
Bacha Siham - Acum o Zi
Ra Chu
Ra Chu - Acum o Zi
Yang pilih allah like.
platonik filofOz
platonik filofOz - Acum o Zi
3:02 🙊
platonik filofOz
platonik filofOz - Acum 13 ore
0:57 🙉
A - Acum o Zi
Foall - Acum o Zi
Obrigado por trazer esse pro mundo
Angel Blue
Angel Blue - Acum o Zi
okay but can we please talk about how nelly was the OG vixen!!
xiomara malik
xiomara malik - Acum o Zi
Me gusta 2021
De Tra
De Tra - Acum o Zi
Beautiful love u.
Christopher Harrison
Christopher Harrison - Acum o Zi
Say it Right= Essay white riots
herman kerstens
herman kerstens - Acum o Zi
hallo Nelly how are u this monent yes i saw u in a concert in ney york u have a verry nice voice sure ike u verry mutch hoops u comes to holland and gives there i concert u are a greaht women yes when u are alone i go ask u will u merreid with my tan greahtings and a kuddek and manny hugs for u ionly hermen from holland hoops u recive this e.mail
Joseroberto Cardoso
Joseroberto Cardoso - Acum o Zi
Mouna Zaho
Mouna Zaho - Acum o Zi
My best song
Danni Zed
Danni Zed - Acum o Zi
I'll take them baggy pants over skinny tight jeans any day, any year.
Zahira Mouaddine
Zahira Mouaddine - Acum o Zi
Tvoe Somnenie
Tvoe Somnenie - Acum o Zi
Нелли супер, песня охриненская..Привет из Крыма, Симферополь
John Rambo
John Rambo - Acum o Zi
Someone here in 2022?
Pamela Thrasher
Pamela Thrasher - Acum o Zi
And today is the day I finally found this song again....
Ivan Rios
Ivan Rios - Acum o Zi
I love those Dancers uwu
One on the greatest songs ever! FACT!
pk pandiakasala
pk pandiakasala - Acum o Zi
louiza bouharaoua
louiza bouharaoua - Acum o Zi
Very nice i like this song
No Huy
No Huy - Acum o Zi
Beautiful love u.
chirlei lopez
chirlei lopez - Acum o Zi
Amo essa musica 😘😘😘😘
Rolando Flores
Rolando Flores - Acum o Zi
Timbaland got them fish teeth.
Saro Ramasami
Saro Ramasami - Acum o Zi
Love U Timbaland😘
al- Lutjanusi
al- Lutjanusi - Acum o Zi
Check the comment section and I hardly find the lyric. Where's the lyric?
Radasha Ramdeo
Radasha Ramdeo - Acum o Zi
If your here in 2021 your a legend
Jose Vivas
Jose Vivas - Acum 2 Zile
Cosmin Nica Decoratiuni
Cosmin Nica Decoratiuni - Acum 2 Zile
Roopika ak
Roopika ak - Acum 2 Zile
Anyone 2021??
Korono Wirus
Korono Wirus - Acum 2 Zile
Mario Alejandro
Mario Alejandro - Acum 2 Zile
Y’all seen Bernie on the subway VIBIN to this😂
Florin Cioara
Florin Cioara - Acum 2 Zile
Velda Maxwell
Velda Maxwell - Acum 2 Zile
NickThaNoodle - Acum 2 Zile
There's a feeling I get when I listen to this song, a feeling of nostalgia and childhood, but is almost impossible to clearly describe.
Ff Fp
Ff Fp - Acum 2 Zile
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones - Acum 2 Zile
Heroes relax and enjoy the day and then future save the time work again today Wendy's removal
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones - Acum 2 Zile
Waiting for it 😂☺️😂
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones - Acum 2 Zile
Live work repeat after alarms alerters give all clear
Matheus Andrade
Matheus Andrade - Acum 2 Zile
Terça-feira, 26 de Janeiro de 2021 💚💛🇧🇷🇧🇷
No Nhu
No Nhu - Acum 2 Zile
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
Az 369 Three Six Nine Az 369 Three Six Nine
Cuántos tiempo a pasado desde q escuché esta canción
Eli Z
Eli Z - Acum 2 Zile
Love this vídeo! She is so beautiful, classy and sexy (no nudity, no twerks). Love the three dancers too, they move so good! And Timbaland of course!
Арген Нурбек
Арген Нурбек - Acum 2 Zile
2021 где вы
Саша Роман
Саша Роман - Acum 2 Zile
Просто песня моей молодости ,👍
Martin D'ambrosio
Martin D'ambrosio - Acum 2 Zile
Cool song
William Mauricio
William Mauricio - Acum 2 Zile
Brasil 2021 top
dianette gonzalez
dianette gonzalez - Acum 2 Zile
Huge crush on Timbaland and this song was my shit.
Bryson Gonzalez
Bryson Gonzalez - Acum 2 Zile
listening to this bop in 2021