HOW TO BECOME POPULAR || Nerd VS Popular Students Funny School Life and Hacks by 123 GO! SCHOOL

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Oh popularity! School can be hard enough without having to worry if people like you or not. Who loves being unpopular?
We'll show you school life of nerd vs popular students and funny life hacks.
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Kate Adaikina
Kate Adaikina - Acum 3 minute
I liked the other vids they have better people it’s like they just fired the creators of the other vids
Gamer temmie Gamer cat
Gamer temmie Gamer cat - Acum 4 minute
I love you so much
Anthony Chen
Anthony Chen - Acum 8 minute
what did i just witness
Rahma Salah
Rahma Salah - Acum 11 minute
wow sssssssssssso cute
Rahma Salah
Rahma Salah - Acum 12 minute
very nice
QWEEN CHENNEL - Acum 26 minute
Aku nafiz
QWEEN CHENNEL - Acum 26 minute
Aku suka fidio ini
vmac213 - Acum 30 minute
This video gave me aids
Shelbie Holder
Shelbie Holder - Acum 30 minute
Carol Hall
Carol Hall - Acum 31 minut
Karishma ayesha Arola
Karishma ayesha Arola - Acum 54 minute
Nerds are more popular than the mean girls in todays generation, guys wake up😂
Brookllynn Myers
Brookllynn Myers - Acum oră
I won't to be popular
Mely Castro
Mely Castro - Acum oră
Gianinna Borrero
Gianinna Borrero - Acum oră
I am a fan
moyari Yaris
moyari Yaris - Acum oră
when they dance the "Jason Derulo - Savage Love"
Mira Rustemi
Mira Rustemi - Acum oră
Lisa Hepner
Lisa Hepner - Acum oră
In jog
lyllaiza Feller
lyllaiza Feller - Acum oră
Friends own
Friends own - Acum oră
You lose
Sama Elsayed Mohamed Dessouki Hussein
I don’t get if Annie likes Kate or not she’s mean to her but also helps her😑
Funda Eke
Funda Eke - Acum oră
Nooo I türkish
Alexandra Amazing
Alexandra Amazing - Acum oră
bewar duski
bewar duski - Acum oră
Payton Black
Payton Black - Acum 2 ore
So.....ur basically telling people to dress different to be popular??? That's messed up...😔
Sadique Md
Sadique Md - Acum 2 ore
Rico FIL
Rico FIL - Acum 2 ore
Yolymar Tarabuco
Yolymar Tarabuco - Acum 2 ore
I hate the popular girl she was so mean when the nerd spilled water on her by accident
Liew Jin Fah
Liew Jin Fah - Acum 3 ore
So ugly
MishaWoman PlaysRoblox
MishaWoman PlaysRoblox - Acum 3 ore
Omg shes glowing so much its so ccool I wanna be glow 😅😅😅😅😅😅
MishaWoman PlaysRoblox
MishaWoman PlaysRoblox - Acum 3 ore
This is the best video it is better than that STUPID happy days terraria yeah I put oil in my arms and they becomd shiny
trampoline_princess - Acum 3 ore
This is such a dumb channel it’s so cringy “WAAAAA PRETTY PLEASE CAN I GO IN PLEASEEEEE” and than
“WAA BOOOOO I CANT GO IN WAAAAAA” that’s so dumb and cringy I need bleach
Natasha Mahara
Natasha Mahara - Acum 3 ore
I am a nerd help
Alina Lukácsik
Alina Lukácsik - Acum 3 ore
P hogy
Denis Dumaan
Denis Dumaan - Acum 3 ore
bad you
Natalie Alexopoulos
Natalie Alexopoulos - Acum 3 ore
How did Kate looks so pale
Trevor Thom
Trevor Thom - Acum 3 ore
Trevor Thom
Trevor Thom - Acum 3 ore
أبو الوسن
أبو الوسن - Acum 3 ore
Amitava Paul
Amitava Paul - Acum 3 ore
Sooooo booooooooring
Sailor shinpie Funworld
Oh my gosh sun in class room hahaha