Doja Cat - Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

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Kat C
Kat C - Acum oră
I had a nightmare doja cat was shooting up my house now I'm triggered everytime I see her
H0 PE - Acum oră
9 year old heat gachas be like:

Nur Rico
Nur Rico - Acum oră
is it normal to get a hard pinis
Graphical - Acum oră
The song too catchy oh my god
Flora Bierbach
Flora Bierbach - Acum oră
Auch deutsche dabei ???
Alex The Angolan boy
Alex The Angolan boy - Acum oră
El Gato 🐈 🔥😂
Yaya Azert
Yaya Azert - Acum oră
Au purée de pomme de terre 😂
Gherd Lynch
Gherd Lynch - Acum oră
🌺If anyone thinks doja cat took 2020, give this comment a like🌺😇😇
lisa J.B.
lisa J.B. - Acum oră
Sweet little sailor cat!like it😉!🤩😍😜
final Fight
final Fight - Acum oră
I bet she taste like golden oreos bruh😜 No milk necessary
Asijah House
Asijah House - Acum oră
Is like anyone finna talk abt the animation bc she has the salior moon wand and the fire she did an injuistu from Naroto AJBDHDVDV ANYONE FINNA TALK ABT DATT
final Fight
final Fight - Acum oră
Them booty cheeks yassss
Arturo Senni
Arturo Senni - Acum oră
Doja Cat's "producer" ripped off the chord progression (probably just downloaded some midi files and shortened it up a bit) of 'Between the Sheets' by Isley Brothers. The beat is generic to no end, and I think the vocal hooks are pretty boring. Meh...
Annie Bell
Annie Bell - Acum oră
Conozco esas referencias de Sailor Moon 🌙✨
PD. Otra vez me ganó Doja Cat. 😍
WEIRDO MODE - Acum oră
Why this sounds like Janet Jackson
Tyrone Taylor Ketso
Tyrone Taylor Ketso - Acum oră
Doja cat made the best glow up ever
Or am I wrong 💯🔥
Bhakti B
Bhakti B - Acum oră
wig is flying somewhere near Andromeda now, Doja is true queen!!!!!!
jazznroll5 - Acum oră
RIHANNA forever !!!
Jujubinha Dark
Jujubinha Dark - Acum oră
Sailor moon!!!
Stacey Lynn
Stacey Lynn - Acum oră
All the Sailor Moon references in this music video lol
Vincent Freeman
Vincent Freeman - Acum 2 ore
Biggest...camel toe...ever...🤮🤮
jieuxx - Acum 2 ore
Sailor Moon Henshin lol
spicera ‘
spicera ‘ - Acum 2 ore
I like this music but she is wrong for what she did,
Nay Scoops
Nay Scoops - Acum 2 ore
She Sounds Like Janet I Love the Vibe
Sakau tiesą
Sakau tiesą - Acum 2 ore
02:32 Queen!
Chill man, chill!
Chill man, chill! - Acum 2 ore
Anyone else almost die when she did that split at the end?
djaye - Acum 2 ore
What the hell happened to music this is trash
Irene B
Irene B - Acum 2 ore
I agree with lady right at bottom.Why is it that African-American women with so much talent,let the producers of these videos degrade these woman so much?The song alone&dancing style is perfect&will sell like hotcakes.I will never let my kids watch THIS.Beautiful body but don't need to be displayed like this,I'm sure my kids would' ve liked to jam to decent video🎶
Christine Nguyen!
Christine Nguyen! - Acum 2 ore
I think sha has this idea about making an anime mv after her reaction on japanese ver of song say so 🤣🤣🤣
Kopy Kat
Kopy Kat - Acum 2 ore
Jaylah Joyce
Jaylah Joyce - Acum 2 ore
I love u dojo cat and my mom loves u she listens to u all your music
donrafski - Acum 2 ore
Cancel who???? Us Real fans who have been riding with you on your journey from the start know your personality from day 1 you are funny and refreshing, un apologetically YOU that's what we love about you we wish you continued success, just please please please dont let this shady fucking industry taint you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Angela-Marie Coe
Angela-Marie Coe - Acum 2 ore
The cartoon version of her reminds me of Jasmyn from Aladdin
Lara Beanland
Lara Beanland - Acum 2 ore
daym that animation was beautiful
Ahas Iikuyu
Ahas Iikuyu - Acum 2 ore
Dhruv Jadvani
Dhruv Jadvani - Acum 2 ore
Doja Cat is the new Nicki Minaj.
شانيل .
شانيل . - Acum 2 ore
Why this is not on TikTok yet ?
Lily Harris
Lily Harris - Acum 2 ore
Doja: * is sexy, is dancing, is singing *
My only thoughts: Y r such strong winxclub flashbacks coming thru ???
America explain
ChemicalEngineering Process
she is so hot that she can cook an egg on this bum!
ChemicalEngineering Process
Doja is the best anti covid 19 of the Earth!
deion Samuel
deion Samuel - Acum 2 ore
Does she kind of got that Janet Jackson Feel but he'll the finer way more ass is she fun did I mention she fine
UhOhSteenky - Acum 3 ore
If anyone needs to be cancelled its 6ix9ine.
jamesgood10 - Acum 3 ore
Cold 187'em 4 rilla
Cold 187'em 4 rilla - Acum 3 ore
I don't understand why she doesn't make music with white boys...with white girl backup dancers lol
David - Acum 3 ore
queen shit
Maya Angus
Maya Angus - Acum 3 ore
Mikyle Faro Godfrey
Mikyle Faro Godfrey - Acum 3 ore
I will be so happy if Doja Cat gets a million likes for this song
Mikyle Faro Godfrey
Mikyle Faro Godfrey - Acum 3 ore
She's a Queen
Isabella Cotelo
Isabella Cotelo - Acum 3 ore
Her wig's on the wrong way
Redd Linkk
Redd Linkk - Acum 3 ore
Remember when you had to imagine how a woman body we had to work, to see her in these intimate ways.but in 2020 it's so just handing over the keys to you're body.amd y'all wounder why men don't work don't respect you.50 year's ago men worked all they life just to see some ankles hahaha
gaming pederčine
gaming pederčine - Acum 3 ore
She played us eveRYbody UNLIKE NOW
Aljal Channel
Aljal Channel - Acum 3 ore
Tiktok ruin this song.
Dajuan Fitz
Dajuan Fitz - Acum 3 ore
Ciara is the one that pull those moves off because she not an barely shaking ass trying to hard but she's cute tho
YourBoyBurger - Acum 3 ore
Is it me or all the animation parts in this clip reminds me of sailor moon at 1:51 she does the sailor moon simbal
Qiven Qiven
Qiven Qiven - Acum 3 ore
omg 😱😱😱👀👀🔥🔥👇👇
Acmatesafamily - Acum 3 ore
Can we thank the person who made the animations

Like for the person who made the animations
EnvyTG - Acum 3 ore
@y.tglizzy ig
EnvyTG - Acum 3 ore
@silentkidt.10 sc
TTK Tyrell
TTK Tyrell - Acum 3 ore
Gucci mane doing what he’s good at woooooh good song
TTK Tyrell
TTK Tyrell - Acum 3 ore
She so good at what she does
TTK Tyrell
TTK Tyrell - Acum 3 ore
Tyreece is gonna love this
Tearless Gas
Tearless Gas - Acum 3 ore
Can you dance like that to those white supremacists
NXVI - Acum 3 ore
isn't she cancelled?
KatyPerry Queen
KatyPerry Queen - Acum 2 ore
No she isn’t
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - Acum 3 ore
NXVI Pre order Ghost of Tsushima 10 days 😌
EnvyTG - Acum 3 ore
So we all gonna ignore her ass 😍😍
Stripe Rainbow
Stripe Rainbow - Acum 3 ore
Let’s relax and not worry about drama right now, Let’s just enjoy some doja cat music 🙌🏻✨
Jory Porteous
Jory Porteous - Acum 3 ore
She did a split to the beat, how tho.
DOG fIsH - Acum 4 ore
People: doja cat is Cancelled.
Doja cat: *gets 20m views in 1 week*
Tsu amvs
Tsu amvs - Acum 4 ore
lowkey sailor moon vibes from that one scene with the wand 👁👄👁
Doja has a magnificent barrage of 3 killer singles. Say so, boss bitch, like that. So why all the hate? First release 3 consecutive most popular singles then talk. To all Doja haters: chill. She will keep releasing dynamites that will explode her popularity. Deal with it.❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩
K.E.B JD - Acum 4 ore
Start stanning this instead of whatever 6ix9ine is trying to be
The Bad Guy
The Bad Guy - Acum 4 ore
Doja running shit
Imanuela Roberts
Imanuela Roberts - Acum 4 ore
shut the duck up
shut the duck up - Acum 4 ore
All the iconic songs are her pediodt.
CVM Trofin
CVM Trofin - Acum 4 ore
*I like how this is sailor moon themed*
2k subs so Donald trump leaves?
I cannot imagine myself wearing this outfit

to all the people who think James Charles didn't slay it, don't try imagining me
Amir Saeed
Amir Saeed - Acum 4 ore
Everyone :
I see Doja Cat
Me :
I see a moving ass
Mirabel Maradiaga
Mirabel Maradiaga - Acum 4 ore
I freaking love dojas outfit I am an sketcher and her outfits INSPIRE me
MCGREGOR - Acum 4 ore
julz zugleo
julz zugleo - Acum 4 ore
Weeewwwww the dislikes are frequently freezing i mean

Grisou Mincraft Royal
Grisou Mincraft Royal - Acum 4 ore
Pk tu twerk
Денис Троф
Денис Троф - Acum 4 ore