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Looks like it’s snack time up in here!
Think you’d be down to take the red food challenge?
Which dish would you scarf down the fastest?
Perhaps you can do this challenge with your friends and pick a whole new color! We hear blue food’s pretty awesome.
Share this video with your friends to satisfy their sweet tooth!
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9:38 why you chewing with your mouth open it’s just looks disgusting close your mouth
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Kylie: some people just can't handle flavor
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Laura Turner - Acum 10 ore
You are right never eat with your math opem
Laura Turner
Laura Turner - Acum 10 ore
In your next video
Can we hear your real vouse
Amy ROHDE JAKOBSEN - Acum 12 ore
Sour candy is so good even tho it is sour it gets sweet and I love strawberry mentos
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Regis Ndawona
Regis Ndawona - Acum 23 ore
I think the idea is that the notes are saved
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InfernoTendy -TE
InfernoTendy -TE - Acum o Zi
If u eat ten yards of red nerds u will be chunky
Her* says she’s catching every mento *her* litterly misses thousands of mentos
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I like Hannah
LPS Kitty
LPS Kitty - Acum o Zi
Y’all need to stop eating candy your teeth are turning yellow and you still have bad eating habits and on the one with toxic waste you went overboard and you don’t need to walk like a grandma
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Then you like men toes
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